2Face and Dammy Krane Are More Alike Than You’d Think: Here’s Why

Nigerian pop legebd, 2Baba, recently revealed that he also has experienced legal troubles similar to that which Dammy Krane was recently acquitted of.

Krane was acquitted from identity and credit card fraud charges a couple weeks back and according to 2Baba, this type of accusation is not unusual.

This is what he had to say about the issue in a recent interview with Vanguard:

‘Yes, it happened to me once; there was this time I went for a show, I can’t really remember where, maybe Amsterdam or somewhere in Europe, my ticket was bought with a fraudulent credit card. It almost caused problems for me but everything was cleared as soon as they realized I didn’t buy the tickets myself, so I was freed. It is something that could happen to anybody, you just have to be careful.’

That’s not all. 2Baba also shared that he had always believed that Dammy was never guilty from the on set.

‘I knew Dammy Krane was going to be freed of the charges against him; but you know when something like this happens, you still have to go to court and clear yourself, and that’s what happened in his case. It was just unfortunate that something like that happened. I would say he was at the right place but at the wrong time. He was only going for a show and somehow one or two of the people travelling with him were not clean and it got every other person involved in the scandal. It could have happened to anybody.’

So there you go Nigerians. There’s always more to the story than we think.


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